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2011-04-15 12:30:41
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jual dvd murah
korean drama
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The Legend Of Chinese Zodiac (Out Of Stock)

Rp 25.000,-
Ancient prehistoric times, between the Yellow Emperor and Chi You started a huge war! Pa Chi to the world system, at the soul to the devil demons ... ...

War orphans Tiger Star Tiger was brought up in the forest, and the good girl Yan'er alternate love, the village head Happening by demons to confuse the intention of Crosses. Majoring as the savior of the tiger died, Star Tiger Xiehuo hearts and minds! Shen Nong's Disciples and the rabbit into pity snow arrived, the star back to Medicine King Tiger mountains treatment.
Star Tiger end of the world to save the upcoming crisis robbery, took over the seal of the Zodiac artifact Mami】 【Twelve Yaocha, with inexperienced snow pity, loss set foot on the search for the reincarnation of the person's salvation Zodiac road .
To find the Lunar New Year, we should first collect a nice ring to the four wind water and fire, the two came to the tree all the way to the city of Phoenix, after the demon blood, lizards and other catastrophe, had just had wisdom, but find a passionate non-narcissistic Jun rice, and the ancient Torchling child king little fish, and was open Yaocha supernatural power】 【days missing jade plate. Star Tiger is by far the Helan jade plate to the wilderness of divine power, through twists and turns to find a reincarnation of the person Zodiac Chih Yang Xin.

Star Tiger and other four divine flow of time and space by a jade plate, glass after glass all over the country gorgeous exception, people with three eyes full three-Eye State, the man is half man and half horse the whole body of the Ust States and other magic foreign land, struggling to find the reincarnation of hiding one of the Zodiac ... ... unexpectedly demon demons who followed, the use of human greed, hatred, jealousy and other evil desires them into gold, drugs, demons, magic and other terrorist UFA demons in an attempt to Persecution, crisis-ridden Star Tiger and others!

Way, a mysterious woman named Ling Ji suddenly, is a paradox, she actually looks exactly like the old Star Tiger Yan'er love! Star Tiger and the Snow despite meters Jun-pity and others non-stop, insisted on carrying her fellow ... ...
Ji Ling What is the true identity?
Little fish Qian Lixun what Mother and Dragon Confidential

Led system?
Star Tiger, snow pity, rice and spirit of non-Chun Ji's love-hate between the four, death, and ultimately, how will end?
If they can overcome obstacles before the robbery mieshi crisis, look Qi Zodiac, defeated Chi You and Huangdi to help the composition of the undead demons demon army?
Whether to return to earth of peace?
Zodiac adventure has only just begun.

jual dvd murah