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2011-04-15 12:30:41
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jual dvd murah
korean drama
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Rp 20.000,-
Hello Gorgeous, a remake of the 1997 Korean idol drama Model, features Shera Li (李欣汝), Godfrey Gao (高以翔), and Jed Lee (李學慶) in a gripping triangle romance. Song Jiaoyang (Shera), a fashion design student, falls in love with the kind and charismatic heir Li Zhen (Godfrey), but his uncle’s betrayal leads him down to an immoral path. Jiaoyang is heartbroken, but she finds her strength again with the support from her friend Zhao Yutian (Jed), who unconditionally loves her.

In the finale trailer, Zhen seeks redemption and asks Jiaoyang for forgiveness. Yutian understands that Jiaoyang still had feelings for Zhen and backing down in this fight for love, Yutian urges Jiaoyang to return to Zhen. In another shocking scene, Yutian blocks a fatal blow that is intended for Zhen; Yutian lies in Jiaoyang’s arms as he bleeds uncontrollably. The trailer ends with the words, “I just want to live inside your heart forever….”

The Hunan TV drama has been consistently raking in high ratings since its debut on March 2, 2013. The serial’s theme of revenge and love set against the fearless competitive environment of the fashion industry emulates many successful palace intrigue dramas of the past.

When the finale promo for Hello Gorgeous was released, numerous netizens posted their complaints on various forums, hoping that Yutian will survive the incident. However, as the ending of Hello Gorgeous will not follow that of the original Korean drama, fans believe that a happy ending for Jiaoyang and Yutian is highly possible.

jual dvd murah