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2011-04-15 12:30:41
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jual dvd murah
korean drama
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Qin Xiang Lian (Out Of Stock)

Rp 25.000,-
Northern Sung emperor Chen Tsung years, John Villa Academy is the daughter of Qin Xianglian hospital because of Aromatic, reputed talent queen are chow. Courtiers and merchants have come to propose marriage, but as one of Qin let their daughter marry the father as Princess. Pang dynasty tiger forced the son of Taishi, Qin Xianglian accidentally fell into the water, down the river were rescued by the scholar Chen Shimei. In Chen Shimei, accompanied by loss of memory of the Qin Xianglian already tracing back to the city, Lu-yu princess living folk Zhaoyang Zhao Zhao. Qin Chen two fall in love, you discover that each was originally a childhood, unrequited love, the treacherous dark Zhao Zhao from time to time. Both chow, the Qin Xianglian to help Chen Shimei into Han Xuan's College, to protect this period of pure love, while the government and parents should also take into account the safety of the Qin ... ... Pang Shi Fu, who frequently difficult, Chen Shimei unjustly imprisoned. Eventually, the Qin Xianglian at self-destruction were actually Festival, execution ground to save "husband" and father of three high-five anti-Qin out of the house, married Chen.

Overnight, as steep turn, Qin Xianglian desperately to cover up grief, the mother of Chen's Qin Xianglian Shukutoku exceptionally virtuous satisfaction. Unexpectedly, two married, father of Chen Chun was actually the mother learned that Butcher enemy. Qin Xianglian bent on housework, serve Pomu, Chen Qin Xianglian mother have to be out of the house. Chen mother trying to use the good hurt themselves to achieve their goals and allows a better son and daughter hurt. Qin Xianglian no intention to make things difficult for her mother and left home, because of various pretext Chen Shimei House For married into the Qin, Qin Xianglian repeated block is less than, the parent of Qin Chen Shimei finally learned the identity ... ...

Qin Xianglian filial willingly deported, pregnant body into her home that forced abortion position. Chen Shimei career hopeless, and that the tokens themselves and Qin Xianglian Royal Xin secret keepsake may be related, although not cause great sinister already emerging. Qin Xianglian no noticeable effort to serve the whole family, difficult to raise money to send to Beijing Chen Shimei exam. Xiangyang flood, all states plague, Qin Xianglian long suffered from the living, suffered cold and hunger, to single-handedly struggling to support his family, but can not save the mother's life Chen. Qin Xianglian sell hair buried her mother, at home mourning the like, but be bullies out of the house, reluctantly taking their children to Beijing Xunfu.

In the covert help of Zhao Zhao, Chen Shimei high school champion, became the capital upstart, but too far back the favor, eventually became the consort prince. Chen Shimei White Imperial, temporary power Atlas, arrogant. To reverse the verdict that he is the late father, Grand Preceptor toppled and replaced, just then, to the capital of the Qin Xianglian has been hijacked by Pang, Chen Shimei the truth will emerge after the marriage. Chodo above, in order to protect Chen Shimei peace, Qin Xianglian Chen Shimei did not know the face of the royal family lying, tearful goodbye to the capital. Chen Shimei was afraid of the truth exposed, sent killers to kill his wife and children again, Qin Xianglian desperation, handed a lawsuit filed in the hands of Kaifeng Zhao and Bao Zheng. Qin Xianglian afraid of powerful, had two embarrassing Bao Zheng is also filled with admiration. Qin Xianglian a report for the seven innocent people, and then report, denounced Chen Shimei devoid of conscience, in vain Phi human skin, but witnesses have already been killed by Chen Shimei. A hopeless trial, because of the appearance and Zhao Zhen Song Renzong turnaround, Chen Shimei was eventually beheaded in the lead under the guillotine.

Ren want to Qin Xianglian to stay in the palace, but to bring their children back to Qin Xianglian both state and return to the simple life. She goes beyond love, at the expense of worldly happiness, but the achievements of the cause, was sung so far ...

jual dvd murah