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2011-04-15 12:30:41
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jual dvd murah
korean drama
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An Empress And The Warriors (Out Of Stock)

Rp 7.000,-
The film is set in ancient China during a chaotic period, when China is split in civil war among various rivaling warlords. The Yan kingdom has long been a target of attacks by the Zhao kingdom. Princess Fei'er of Yan becomes the new ruler after her father is killed in battle, with general Murong Xuehu assisting her in defending their kingdom from invasion.

Yan Huba, nephew of the deceased king and a treacherous minister in Yan, schemes to take the throne and he sends his men to assassinate the princess. Fei'er survives the attempt on her life but is seriously injured. She is rescued later by a mysterious hermit named Duan Lanquan and lives with him for a period of time until she recovers. The two of them develop romantic feelings for each other during that period of time. However, she ultimately must decide whether to fulfill her duty to her kingdom or follow her heart.[1]

Fei'er chooses to returns to Yan later and succeeds in resolving the conflict between Yan and Zhao. However, Huba is still plotting to take the throne and he leads his men to kill Duan Lanquan and Murong Xuehu. On the verge of danger, Fei'er manages to kill Huba personally and puts an end to Huba's evil plans, while restoring peace by maintaining good relations with the other kingdoms.

jual dvd murah