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2011-04-15 12:30:41
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jual dvd murah
korean drama
Anda pengunjung ke : 563046
Legend Of Heavenly Tear Phoenix Warriors

Rp 42.000,-
When the over industrialized planet Blue Phoenix was facing destruction, their priestess tried to smuggle the planetary energy core "Tianlei" to another viable blue planet and was attacked by the high priest midway. She crash landed in ancient China during the Northern and Southern dynasties, where she caught the eyes of King of Liang and gave birth to his 5th son, Xiao Feng Qing. To hide the energy core, the priestess gave the Tianlei to a little girl named Miao Qian Qian then faked her own death. A chance encounter two decades later brought together Qian and Feng Qing. Qian entered the palace under a new name, Nie Wu Shuang, where she caused a strife between Feng Qing and his brother, King Feng Ming. The reappearance of Tianlei boosted Qing's power. It also attracted the attention of the high priest, who had been lurking nearby in the Country of Qi. Through the King of Qi and his sister, Princess Goa Yan, he plotted to take back Tianlei and drain Earth's energy with it.

jual dvd murah